Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frosty starts .....

The mornings for us generally start a bit before the birds start chirping and the sun makes an appearance. Wednesday morning it was 1.9 degrees outside under the awning the next day 2.1 degrees. Yep, winter has arrived in our neck of the woods!

Frost on the garlic - just right for forming bulbs
This morning (5th July) we had our biggest frost yet, -1 degrees outside under the awning. Our place looked like it had snowed, white frost everywhere. This time the capsicum, sweet basil and tomato plants didn't survive, I'm actually surprised they lasted as long as they did. On the positive side, the window of opportunity is now wide open to grow a good crop of cauliflower & broccoli with the frost effectively killing off any leaf eating grubs.

Our DS will be home for a visit in acouple of weeks, I am sooo looking forward to it! So inspired by joyfulhomemaker, DD and I have been doing some interior designing ourselves. (It's going to be a surprise, so can't give too much away just yet). I was wanting to purchase acouple of bright scatter cushions to go with the new bedspread, no worries I'll just buy some............. that was until I saw the price tag ................ on second thought, I'll make some instead (perhaps they could be my Christmas finish for July???) This project has had our undivided attention for the better part of a week with just the finishing touches to go.

Time to catch up on the things we didn't do and the first thing that comes to mind is the herb garden. It was dug over again and has been sitting (resting) since. To my astonishment the mint has not yet surrendered its hold!!!

We have started feeding off the winter oats to the milking goats and sheep as the frost has browned off the other pasture and in readiness for the lambing season which should begin any day now.

It is now warmer outside than it is inside, so I'm off to thaw out in the garden :)


Tracy said...

We had a huge frost here on 4th July after the full moon. Today was a little more pleasant to get out of bed ,only just below freezing outside.

The frost does look stunning even if it can cause a lot of damage.

Enjoy your son's visit. I am enjoying having my son at home for a few weeks too.

Deb H. said...

The frost hit us as well, I kept the fireplace going all day Wednesday.

Edgar Sugercane said...

I'm sure you get this a lot, but it's so hard to imagine winter in July!!!