Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodbye January

Wooosh...... and the first month of the year is gone. It has been a time of adjustment and change for us, with our DS leaving the nest, DD starting high school through distance education and I have to admit we are sticklers for our routines and all the rain has certainly played havoc with this.
I am happy however, the school bus is now running again and yesterday I was able to do a little mowing and brush cutting. (Really the place looks as though the owners have moved away if you know what I mean) So todays agenda is "Mowing" I am itching to use the ride on mower now that it has had two new front tyres fitted and DH will be busy slashing, once he gets back. Of course our plans are dependent upon the weather, so here's hoping.
One thing that doesn't seem to mind all the rain is the dragonfruit and we are now eating the first of this seasons fruit.
Keeping in mind our goals for this year we were lucky to come across an advert giving away a roller door, great just what we wanted for the garlic shed. Bit of a bugger we were flooded in but DSIL came to the rescue and collected it for us and as it turned out the people had two to give away so he got them both, yay!! He kept the electric motors and will be fitting them to his doors as we don't need them, so you might say it was a bonus for both families.
As you maybe able to see, I am having problems again with blogger. I can not get spacing between my paragraphs. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be most grateful.........

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