Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going solar ..... well almost.

After alot of time spent on the phone, the internet and having a new outlook, we have found the solar company that is right for us. Yes, they listened, made suggestions and basically tailored a packaged that suited us, yippeee! It became apparent that not all are on the level. The biggest downfall we discovered was one price being given on the phone and when the terms and conditions arrrived via the net (the fine print) the price just snowballed with additional fees. (I have to add here that reading the "fine print" was a task in it self as our glasses are away being fitted with new lenses!) Anyway I would strongly encourage anyone looking at getting a solar system to feed back to the grid to contact (
Our days have been busy, chores in the morning, then off to the garlic shed to prepare the garlic for market. DD has a table set up so that she can do her schoolwork. Up until DH's encouter with the rail, the late afternoons were spent with the horses after the chores were done. Inspired by other like minded bloggers, I have been spending time in the garden or more correctly the greenhouse, which isn't green so perhaps I should say the shadehouse?
These are ready to be potted up. It is our aim to build up our seed bank this year.
It will be a couple of weeks before they are ready to go into the garden. In the pots is dirt, compost and vermicast from our worm farm.
The garden is once again taking on the appearance of an actual garden. The beans in the front of the picture are now producing, there are tomotoes forming and both the zucchini and cucumbers are starting to produce too. I just have to catch the bandicoot that has also moved into the garden which plays havoc under the cover of darkness.


Narelle said...

Your garden is looking fantastic!
I'm afraid mine is more weeds than garden :(

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Thanks Narelle, although the lawns need mowing more often than not and its a wee bit difficult with all the wet weather.

Jenn said...

Your garden is look fabulous - and making me extremely jealous!!! Love the teepee :)