Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caught up in life.......

Amazingly time has gotten away from me yet again, I say this because I haven't been idle but the actual opposite really and still it got away from me......
Our Rural Fire brigade was a Queensland Finalist in the 2011 Australian Safer Communities Awards. On Friday 16th (DD birthday) we travelled to Brisbane for the presentation (dubbed "The Road Trip") One hundred entries were received for the five sections from various organizations in Queensland and we were awarded the Encouragement Award for our brigade newsletter. (Pictured: me on the left and our brigade Editor Jane on the right)
I became inspired after reading Roses & Creams' blog about Spring and so decided I'm not going to moan about what I can't do but get up off my franny and do what I can........ and so my Spring cleaning or should I say revolution began in earnest. (Many thanks for that post by the way :)
Highland Hen, I am happy to report that after years and I mean years..... I have finally recovered my lounge, looks great. No more trying to hide it from view of visitors and I have purchased the material to make some lovely bright coloured cushions to go with it.........
With my attention now drawn away from the lounge, I seemed to notice that the actual room was in need of a fresh coat of paint (odd I didn't notice this before) so I enlisted the help of DS and we started painting and painting and when the lounge room was finished we move into the hall and then the bathroom and then my bedroom, which at this stage is half finished but the boys are busy fencing now so will I'll have to cool my heels a bit.
Of course the help with the painting came with a price, yes... DS wants to paint his room, no worries matey I thought to myself. Black was not an option, I was firm on this one but any other colour..... in the end he picked out a nice darkish blue and will have white ceiling and trims and lucky for me I had purchased (on special) white sunblock out blinds.
With the boys off fencing some of the chores have fallen to me, so off I trott to fill the sheeps trough only to find a large brown snake sunning himself on the path............ ok so when my heart started beating again I made a mad dash back to the house. DD had just set up my new camera (bless her cotton picking socks), so I grabbed it and went out again to take a photo for evidence. Darn good thing it has a zoom len cause there was no way I was going to get any closer. When I re-told the tale of why I didn't do my task DD was amazed that I stood still long enough to take a photo in the first place!!!!!!
What this actually triggered was the start of my outside spring clean up, yep been spending my time mowing, brush cutting and generally tidying up with the help of DD.


chook said...

Oh My dear friend sooo glad you are back blogging it sounds like you are busy as per usual. a new camera hey
so we should see some pics of the lounge soon then ????
congrats on the award. Lots going on here will try and give you a ring sometime this week or next
Hugs Beth

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Oh yes a photo of the lounge, when I've made the cushions.....!!!

So have you had a play with your new toy yet?

Deb H. said...

Congratulations on the award, Rural Brigades and the SES are so important out in the sticks!!. And having said that I am not that far from Bris, Toowoomba, Ipswich and Gatton. Glad my blog helped you with some of your projects. I am having a slow week now, as the Mere Male is home.

Scottish Nanna said...

Where in Brisbane were you I could have came to see you I havent seen you for years next time you are coming my way let me know.
Hugs Mary.