Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something Special.........

Not so long back, the Area Director contact me, the Brigade Secretary and asked if I could give him some back ground information about our Brigade Editor as he wanted to nominate her for an Australia Day Medallion. I was estatic for her and more than happy to help out, but it was oh so hard to keep it "mum".
About six weeks later I received a letter informing me that I'd been nominated for a Medallion. All correspondence is normally sent to the Secretary irrespective of whom it is for, so I just added the letter to my pile of incoming correspondence thinking that it was an adminstrative error and the name should have been that of the Editor.
Two weeks later a very happy and excited Editor rings to say she has received a letter saying that she has been nominted for a medallion, of course I just had to fess up at this point, she thought I'd nominated her. It wasn't until she read out what she was actually nominated for that the penny dropped. Yep, this is where our letters differed. Holy Crow! It is me!!! I had been nominated also!!!!!!!
We both received invitations to attend the presentation which took place at Gympie but were unable to attend due to all the flooding (of all the times to be flooded in!!) Anyway recently we were presented with our Australia Day Acheivement Medallions.
It is nice to know that someone is watching and noting all the effort that goes into what we are doing. I was awarded this "For dedicated commitment in logistic support and brigade management".
Am I humbled, estatic, shocked, happy and excited about it??? You betch ya !!!!!!!!!

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chook said...

congrats my friend you work hard at what you do hugs Beth